The Broxburn Community Woodland Walk

See Thule, Venus, The Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Earth on this walk, which is set away from traffic. You'll enjoy a variety of walking surfaces, trees, and wildlife.


Approx. 60mins


Strathbrock Partnership Centre

Head west on path past St.Nicholas R.C. Primary school (on your left) and continue and look for entrance into Badger Park in the new housing scheme. Thule is located within this scheme. Enter back onto footpath and continue onto Holmes road. Turn right and follow road onto West Main Street. Cross road onto Cardross Road. Continue to Broxburn Academy on your right where Venus is placed in the perimeter fence. Also the Sun is top of the school. Just up the road Mercury is also on your right on a triangular piece of ground. Turn left onto Timmeryetts. Turn right onto a footpath which takes you up along the side of Kirkhill Primary school. Continue right up onto the top of Broxburn Community Woodland. Continue through the woodlands where Mars in your right. 50 metres beyond here a path on your right that leads down to the rear of the houses at Craigseaton. Earth is on your right. Continue down onto Craigseaton and turn left. Turn right onto Whinrig and left back onto Timeryetts. Go back onto Cardross and onto West Main Street. Cross over road and take foot path back to Stratbrook Partnership Centre.